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Baby Package

Hey new and expecting moms Mazel tov!!!!

We know how exciting and overwhelming it is to prepare for your bundle of joy.
You never know what’s essential and what will make your life so much easier.
I’m so excited to show you what we put together. A list of all essentials you will need from day one.

These are all tried and true products, and guess what it’s all on Amazon so all you need to do is add all the items you want from this list we put together to your amazon cart, and you’ll get it all delivered to your door.

Our team put together a separate list for baby boys and baby girls.
We also put together a list of extras that are great to have. Or to gift others.

Think about these moments when you think to yourself “I wish I would’ve had that or known about it”. Like when a friend tells you randomly, she got something, and this made taking care of the baby or getting up in the night a whole lot easier,
(For me personally, I wish I would have had this list put together by my First born). But Now I am so happy to put together a practical and organized list to help all the new moms and even the most experienced moms out there 😉 and hopefully these kinds of thoughts will be a thing of the past.

Please click the WhatsApp icon on the top of the page for any comments and ideas how to improve this list.

All the best,