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(Mission statement & disclaimer)

Mission statement our mission is to  provide you with our insights and our take on  some of the finest selections of fashionable  clothing that fit in to our dress code, we will do  the looking for you, and bring it to you in a  organized and easy way.  Please be aware, our site is -and will always be￾a work in progress, we will always update our  site to make it easier for you, and to give you  the most pleasant experience, so we would love  to hear from you how you think we can give you  the experience you want, please message us  through the WhatsApp link on the top righthand  corner of the page. Disclaimer! we want to make it very clear  that we might have some monetary benefits  from posting terms from certain companies, we  are aware that can influence our decision  making process of what we will discuss and  what we will post, (but as we said in our Mission  statement above we want to bring you only the  finest, so we will try very hard to keep our  standards high!). We also want to point out that we and our business partner’s collect some of your info,  when you visit our site, and our partners might  use it for data collection and for targeted  advertisement, we are sorry about that, but it’s  the way to do business these days, sorry for this  inconvenience