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2021 Spring Marmar Super Comfortable Plain High-end Leopard Print Children's Lace Rompers Toddler Baby Boy Girl Lovely One-piece



The first batch of this link will be shipped on January 20The number of the first batch is not large, basically 200-300 sets.First come first servedSold out into the second batchOrders are not refundable, and good fabrics are worth waiting for!This one has been prepared for a month and a halfI’ve been doing it for half a monthBecause this fabric is really soft and comfortable93 rayon + 7 spandexConsistent with the quality of zp, you must know the good stuffToRayon is also called viscose fiber. Cotton linters and wood pulp are the main raw materials for viscose fiber production. The dry strength of viscose fiber is lower than that of cotton. Its wet strength is only about 66% of the dry strength. The viscose fiber has good moisture absorption and is easy to dye. The fabric is comfortable to wear. Very suitable1. Good moisture absorption, soft hand feel, hygienic and comfortable to wear;To2. The wet strength is less than the dry strength, but the overall strength is firm and durable;To3. Good dyeing performance, soft luster and natural beauty;ToThis series feels king, the Nordic baby and child series with a lot of returningMarmar is here, you can’t stop buying itLeopard prints are basically really fragrant no1Really can be said to fall in love with fabricsThe four leopard colors are super cuteIt feels greatPut it on is a little leopard with meat rollingKeep your own money! ! !Length of garment 73 yards 43 cm 80 46 cm 90 48 cm 100 51 cm


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