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It is still before August and we are busy again, And we have a whole new wardrobe to worry about, You blink and your kids sizes changed.

We barely finished the summer shopping and  The calendar shows autumn is just around the corner. Each age and stage comes with their own unique needs and challenges. The baby is not old enough to go to school but I still have to go around with him on the streets and he still has to look decent and obviously very cute. With the weather fluctuating you can almost never get it right. The toddler grew a few inches, and nothing fits him, and the girl needs to go dressed according to the school rules. The seven-year-old needs a whole new set of school supplies a nice knapsack, and the 12 year old needs enough outfits to wear every Sunday and every other day off, all in all new school year equals a lot of headaches, and a-lot of your time that you don’t really have, or even if you do have it but don’t really wish to give it. so here we will have a nice selection of outfits for all ages and some knapsacks other school supplies and winter gear, accessories. We know the hassle we have all been there….

We are trying to make this experience as pleasant and as easy for y’all.

❤ Rachel 

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Hello world!

 Hi everyone, welcome to our new blog, a blog with thoughts about my shopping experiences and struggles, we are setting up a site to help you find a few selected items out of the about 150 million( rough educated guess) items that are available in the local stores and the popular sites we hope you will find this blog and website fun and entertaining and our suggestions helpful, wishing you, and the world and myself a happy summer, a summer with less pre winter shopping stress. 
❤ Rachel 
 P.S. I don’t know when and how often I will post on our blog. but we plan to keep you up to date with our thoughts and tips on the upcoming seasons to help you with your shopping



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Hi I’m Rachel,
Here to share shopping ideas with the world. I have a good eye for shopping, and a vision how clothing can be worn. I really like doing what I am good at, (to the benefit of my family and friends) so here I am sharing my gift to the world while doing what I enjoy! (shopping)