Ely’s & Co. Cotton Knit Jersey Swaddle Blanket


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Ely’s & Co. Cotton Knit Jersey Swaddle Blanket, Large Receiving Blanket (Ivory Cherry)

1 Large (40” x 40”) single-layer jersey knit blanket, made from our signature, super-soft cotton fabric. Combed jersey cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it the best choice for an added layer of warmth while reducing the risk of overheating.
The collection brings convenience, durability, quality, and easy care. Made from superior quality Jersey Knit Cotton for pure baby comfort.
Our Stretchy Blankets are designed in exclusive, contemporary colors and styles for discerning customers like you.
Featuring our most-loved sweet and cheerful cherry print.
95% Cotton / 5% Spandex. Machine Washable.


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